Bighead carp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis). (Wikimedia Commons)Active and passive environmental DNA surveillance of aquatic invasive species
    Ross Sea (wiki commons)Designation and management of large-scale MPAs drawing on the experiences of CCAMLR
    Boom and bust fishing cycles in the Galapagos Islands has led to the development of ecotourism, some of which as been very difficult on the locals.The Three Pillars of Ecotourism

    A student conducts a reflex test on the shark’s eye with a stream of ocean water, checking for its ‘eyelid’ called a nictitating membrane. This reflex is being tested as a possible measure of stress levels.Shark Tagging with Hialeah High School
    A15 things the Shark Research program at UM accomplished in 2015
    Thank you MAST Academy for joining us for a day of shark tagging!Shark Tagging with MAST Academy
  3. MEDIA

    A large male bull shark is pulled toward the research vessel for sampling and tagging. He was released within five minutes in great condition.Photo of the Week: Bull Shark
    A Great Hammerhead shark sweeps across the sand in Bimini, Bahamas. Photo Credit: Christine ShepardPhoto of the Week: Great Hammerhead
    A fisherman spears an invasive lionfish in the warm, shallow waters of Nassau, Bahamas.Photo of the Week: Invasive Lionfish