Indo-Pacific Lionfish: Pterois volitans. Popular in the aquarium trade for their superfluous body shape and coloration, Indo-Pacific lionfish pose a threat to invaded areas due to their voracious appetite and extreme reproductive capacity.  Image source: Wikimedia CommonsEffects of Climate Change on the invasive Lionfish: Pterois volitans and Pterois miles
    Example of engineered-shore structures: seawall (Gittman et al., 2016)Seawalls: Allowing humans to build closer to water, but altering processes along shorelines.
    Plastic from facial scrub next to a dime. Photo credit: Dave Graff. Source: plasticaware.orgA Study of Microplastics in San Francisco Bay

    UMiami_informal_Dunlap17 things the SRC accomplished in 2016
    A Palmer Trinity student helps deploy a drumline.Shark Tagging with Palmer Trinity Middle School
    A scalloped hammerhead is carefully secured in the water for a quick workup processShark tagging with St. Thomas Aquinas
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    UMiami_informal_Dunlap17 things the SRC accomplished in 2016
    A large male bull shark is pulled toward the research vessel for sampling and tagging. He was released within five minutes in great condition.Photo of the Week: Bull Shark
    A Great Hammerhead shark sweeps across the sand in Bimini, Bahamas. Photo Credit: Christine ShepardPhoto of the Week: Great Hammerhead