Example of engineered-shore structures: seawall (Gittman et al., 2016)Seawalls: Allowing humans to build closer to water, but altering processes along shorelines.
    Plastic from facial scrub next to a dime. Photo credit: Dave Graff. Source: plasticaware.orgA Study of Microplastics in San Francisco Bay
    Zoomed in image of red plastic debris inside the digestive tract of an Acoupa weakfish specimen (Ferreira et al., 2016)Plastic debris contamination in the Acoupa weakfish (Cynoscion acoupa) in a tropical estuary

    UMiami_informal_Dunlap17 things the SRC accomplished in 2016
    A Palmer Trinity student helps deploy a drumline.Shark Tagging with Palmer Trinity Middle School
    A scalloped hammerhead is carefully secured in the water for a quick workup processShark tagging with St. Thomas Aquinas
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    UMiami_informal_Dunlap17 things the SRC accomplished in 2016
    A large male bull shark is pulled toward the research vessel for sampling and tagging. He was released within five minutes in great condition.Photo of the Week: Bull Shark
    A Great Hammerhead shark sweeps across the sand in Bimini, Bahamas. Photo Credit: Christine ShepardPhoto of the Week: Great Hammerhead