Meet the SRC faculty, staff, students, and associates.
Meet the SRC faculty, staff, students, and associates.

Who We Are

The SRC team is made up of University of Miami faculty, staff and students from a variety of disciplines, including science, communication, law, education and engineering. The core science is overseen by faculty, but PhD students provide the projects from which specific research and educational activities are based. UM undergraduates work on projects as part of their academic degree requirements or for volunteer internships. Student interns are the backbone of the program, playing a major role in helping carry out activities, training and leading high school student participants in the field, lab, and classrooms. In making waves, SRC is lucky to partner with exceptional scientists, policy makers, journalists and educators.

Faculty & Staff

    • Neil Hammerschlag, Ph.D.
      Director, Shark Research & Conservation Program; Research Assistant Professor, Rosenstiel School – RSMAS and Abess Center for Ecosystem Science
    • Stephen Cain,
      Assistant director, Shark Research & Conservation Program – RSMAS
    • Evan D’Alessandro, Ph.D.
      Broad Key Manager; Masters of Professional Science Advisor, Rosenstiel School – RSMAS
    • Diego Lirman, Ph.D.
      Associate Professor, Rosenstiel School – RSMAS, Rescue a Reef
    • Stephanie Schopmeyer,
      Senior Research Associate II, Rosenstiel School – RSMAS, Rescue a Reef
    • Liza Merly, Ph.D. Lecturer – RSMAS
    • Dalton Hesley – RSMAS, Rescue a Reef

SRC Ph.D. Students

    • Rachel Skubel, Abess Center for Ecosystem Science; Shark Research & Conservation Program

SRC Masters Students

    • Elana Rusnak – RSMAS MS Student
    • Emily Nelson – RSMAS MS Student, Intern coordinator
    • Leila Atallah Benson – RSMAS MS Student
    • Mitchell Rider – RSMAS MS Student, FACT/ACT/OTN coordinator
    • Robbie Roemer – RSMAS MS Student
    • Shannon Moorhead – RSMAS MS Student, Gear and Equipment Manager

SRC Interns

    • Abby Tinari – UM undergraduate student
    • Alex Anstett – UM undergraduate student, SRC Photographer, Co-media manager
    • Andy Fragola – RSMAS, MPS student
    • Brenna Bales – UM undergraduate student
    • Cameron Perry – Nova Southeastern University, MS
    • Casey Dresbach – UM undergraduate student, Fundraising coordinator
    • Chelsea Black – RSMAS, MPS student, Social Media Manager
    • Christopher Schenker – UM undergraduate student, SRC photographer
    • David Lestino – RSMAS, MPS student
    • Delaney Reynolds – UM undergraduate student
    • Gammon Koval – UM undergraduate student, SRC photographer, Co-media manager
    • Grant Voirol – UM undergraduate student
    • Haley Kilgour – RSMAS, MPS student
    • Jeff Palumbo – RSMAS, MPS student, SRC Photographer
    • Jess Daly – UM undergraduate student
    • Josh Liberman – SRC photographer
    • Josh Ratay – UM undergraduate student
    • Luisa Gil Diaz – UM undergraduate student
    • Matt Bernanke – UM undergraduate student, SRC photographer
    • Molly Rickles – UM undergraduate student
    • Nicole Lin – SRC photographer, UM graduate student
    • Nicole Suren – UM undergraduate student
    • Olivia Schuitema – UM undergraduate student
    • Rachael Ragen – UM undergraduate student
    • Rock Evans – RSMAS, MPS graduate
    • Schuyler Weiss – UM undergraduate student
    • Sianna Vacca – UM undergraduate student
    • Tatum Nugent – UM undergradaute student, Media intern
    • Tim Hogan – UM undergraduate student
    • Trish Albano – UM undergraduate student, Public outreach coordinator

Associates of SRC

    • Austin Gallagher, Ph.D.
      Postdoctoral Researcher, Carleton University
      Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Miami
      Visiting Scientist, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center