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View our sponsorship levels and find out how you can become an SRC sponsor.

Letter from SRC Director Dr. Neil Hammerschlag

Dear SRC Potential Corporate Sponsors,

I am Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, director of the University of Miami’s Shark Research and Conservation (SRC) program. Our mission is a unique one, in that we not only foster scientific studies and literacy on sharks species around the Atlantic, but we also create incredible opportunities to teach the public, often underrepresented school children, about the importance of the oceans’ apex predator. SRC’s efforts are invaluable, as the findings we produce help legislators create effective policies and pass laws that protect sharks.

This great work helping sharks would not happen without the support of prominent supporters. The SRC Program reaches various audiences through a wide range of traditional media and digital outlets. These outlets include several extremely visible, annual shows within the Discovery Network’s Shark Week and from all of the millions of website and social media platform exposures. Teaming up with SRC, with its vast consumer reach and interest, could be greatly beneficial to your company. Sponsorship, partnership, and co-branding opportunities are available. Please feel free to use the contact form below in order to learn more about how you can support the program. Thank you in advance!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Named Sponsor | $10,000 annual renewal opportunity
  • Name on SRC website
  • Acknowledgement on all SRC Platforms
  • 1 social media post across all SRC platforms per quarter
  • Name on Donor Wall
  • Private tour of UM marine campus
  • Private presentation with Dr. Neil Hammerschlag at UM
  • Named Partner | $50,000 annual renewal opportunity
  • All benefits of Named Sponsor
  • Acknowledgement in all public and scientific presentations
  • Logo on “Partner” page on website
  • Naming of a shark that can be tracked online
  • Rotating banner on website
  • Photo and video clip package for marketing
  • VIP tickets to UM events
  • Boat Sponsor | $1 million
  • All benefits of Named Partner
  • 1-day private shark tagging trip out of Miami (20 people)
  • Logo on boat
  • Professorship Naming Rights | $1.5 Million
  • All benefits of Named Partner
  • Named professorship
  • Program Naming Rights | $3 Million
  • All benefits of Named Partner
  • Presenting sponsor for all SRC activities
  • Named professorship
  • Named program
  • Click here to inquire about a sponsorship

    This year alone, SRC will be featured in 4 Shark Week shows, collaborate with people across the world, and reach millions of people from our website, social media, and outreach.