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sharkName = ‘allofus’;

Tracking Allofus

Species: Tiger Shark
Scientific Name: Galeocerdo cuvier
Date Tagged: August 5, 2013
Location Tagged: Florida Keys
Gender: Female

About Allofus

The Story Behind the Name: The Story Behind the Name: Allofus was so named by Barbara Weintraub to honor a wonderful day and a fantastic group of people who all came together on June 21, 2013 to go “Shark Tagging” with the Shark Research Team from the University of Miami.

The adventurous day started with Dr. Neil Hammerschlag educating us on what we could hope to expect from our day out on the water. Then, Captain Curt headed the boat out into the Gulf, where we baited and dropped lines in hopes of catching a shark…

Our last catch of the day was a gorgeous female Hammerhead shark – a little over 5 feet in length – a real show stopper. Barbara named her Allofus. After she was released, Allofus swam off in great shape and in hurry. Within a day, the tag popped off her for unknown reasons – such is field science with wild animals. So, on the following trip, the Shark Research Team tagged a beautiful, large, female tiger shark (a rare shark in the Florida Keys) that we gave the namesake Allofus. She has since been transmitting wonderfully and continues to excite those who follow her.

Allofus is a tribute to the amazing Shark Research Team and all the incredible work that they do as well as a fantastic reminder for everyone on the boat – a terrific day dedicated to helping protect and preserve an amazing creature we call shark.

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