// This is the name of the shark we wish to display its track
sharkName = ‘arianna’;

Tracking Arianna

Species: Great Hammerhead
Scientific Name: Sphyrna mokarran
Date Tagged: August 1, 2011
Location Tagged: Outer Reef, Northern Florida Keys
Gender: Female
Total Length (TL): 277cm

About Arianna

The Story Behind the Name:
This lucky Great Hammerhead shark is part of the Adopt-a-Shark program,
sponsored by marine enthusiast and entrepreneur Greg Markham.
To share his passion for the ocean and sharks, Greg brought his
friend Whitney McDaniel aboard an Islamorada shark tagging trip in May.
She was so inspired by the experience that she claims to be
‘hooked on sharks’ now, learning more and more
everyday. To celebrate the beautiful free spirit of this Great
Hammerhead, she named the shark Arianna, after her exuberant
young daughter. Although Arianna the girl and Arianna the shark
may differ in the way of favorite foods (mac & cheese ”“vs”“
snapper), they both share a kindred spirit and utter excitement
for life’s adventures.

Satellite Tagging:
Arianna was carefully tagged with the latest in satellite tag
technology providing us with the first opportunity to follow the
long term movements of these threatened species. Please keep
checking back frequently to follow Arianna’s movements, which
will be updated every few days as her satellite tag continues
to send us real-time tracking data.

Adopt-a-Shark: For information on how you can contribute to our
shark conservation research by adopting and tracking your own
shark, please visit our
Adopt a Shark page.