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Tracking Ben

Species: Bull Shark
Scientific Name: Carcharhinus leucas
Date Tagged: October 20, 2011
Location Tagged:
Gender: Male
Fork Length (FL): 141cm
Pre-Caudal Length (PCL): 160cm
Total Length (TL): 194cm

About Ben

The Story Behind the Name: Ben is the adoptive “shark child” of Inktel. He is named Ben after the nephew of Inktel’s owners, Ricky and Dan Arriola. Ben (the boy) joined Team Inktel on its boat trip to find our adopted shark and he even courageously snorkeled for an in-water view of a nurse shark work-up! Ben’s excitement, energy, passion and interest in sharks represents the broader Inktel interest in the conservation of sharks and our oceans.

Ben the Shark would likely be a passionate shark who is creative and innovative about his role in the ecosystem! Ben wants to be a great shark and he has a passion for shark excellence! But don’t get him wrong – Ben is a fun shark: he’s likely a big practical joker! Ben the Shark is very friendly – he cares about helping other sharks learn, develop and grow themselves during their shark careers! Ben the Shark likely cares a great deal about his health and wellness as well – he probably even swims in some shark triathlons! At his core though, Ben has a good shark heart and likely gives back to his shark community all he can.

Inktel decided to adopt a shark because of the innovative nature of UM’s Shark Research & Conservation Program. When they heard about the opportunity, they were taken aback at how innovative an approach it took toward drawing funds and awareness toward its cause. Being actively involved in the community is a major part of Inktel’s corporate culture – as is innovation and creativity. The Shark Research & Conservation Program combined the two in a big way. Additionally, though Inktel has a national footprint, it has a special place in its heart for the city where its headquarters is located: Miami. Adopting a shark and supporting marine conservation in their home community is a very important part of ensuring that Miami continues to grow and thrive.

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Adopt-a-Shark: For information on how you can contribute to our shark conservation research by adopting and tracking your own shark, please visit our Adopt a Shark page.

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To animate our interactive shark tracking, play with the time slider tool in the map upper-left. Simply, go to the slider & separate the bottom left & right tabs by ~1/4”. Then click on the leading tab & drag it across the slider; or click play to automatically view tracks.