// This is the name of the shark we wish to display its track
sharkName = ‘prahyad2’;

Tracking Prahyad 2

Species: Tiger Shark
Scientific Name: Galeocerdo cuvier
Date Tagged: October 17, 2013
Location Tagged: Western Bahamas
Gender: Female
Total Length (TL): 307cm

About Prahyad 2

The Story Behind the Name:
Prahyad 2 was one of the sharks tagged on the Bahamas Research
Expedition in October 2013 with Jim Abernethy’s Scuba
Adventures, Inc. She is the adoptive shark of Jon Oh. His original Prahyad shark stopped transmitting soon after deployment (oftentimes due to tag malfunction). So he could have a chance to personally track a shark for a more extended period of time, SRC named this tiger shark beauty Prahyad 2. Here is Jon’s story behind the name:

“The name means “to save/conserve” in Thai. The recent CITES announcement in Bangkok to protect some key species of sharks and manta rays is a welcome change of events for this species.”

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