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Tracking Sawyer

Species: Great Hammerhead
Scientific Name: Sphyrna mokarran
Date Tagged: February 20, 2010
Location Tagged: Just off the Atlantic coast of Islamorada, Florida Keys
Gender: Male
Total Length (TL): 249cm
Precaudal Length (PCL):175cm
Fork Length (FL): 190cm

About Sawyer

The Story Behind the Name: When the researchers on the SRC boat came back to the baited lines, they discovered one had been dragged off into Timbuktu (figuratively speaking of course). As they pulled the line in, they came face-to-face with the feistiest Great Hammerhead yet. He had no desire to come onto the boat and made this message very clear. Once on board, this large mature male was donned the name Sawyer, after Captain Curt’s son. This little boy also makes his presence known, with his radiant laughter and smiles. Even at 1 year of age, Sawyer knows the ocean is a great place to enjoy (especially when he gets to help his dad steer the boat).

Satellite Tagging: Sawyer was carefully tagged with the latest in satellite tag technology providing us with the first opportunity to follow the long term movements of these threatened species. Please keep checking back frequently to follow Sawyer’s movements, which will be updated every few days as his satellite tag continues to send us real-time tracking data.

Adopt-a-Shark: For information on how you can contribute to our shark conservation research by adopting and tracking your own shark, please visit our Adopt a Shark page.

System Requirements

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To animate our interactive shark tracking, play with the time slider tool in the map upper-left. Simply, go to the slider & separate the bottom left & right tabs by ~1/4”. Then click on the leading tab & drag it across the slider; or click play to automatically view tracks.