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sharkName = ‘siren’;

Tracking Siren

Species: Scalloped Hammerhead
Scientific Name: Sphyrna lewini
Date Tagged: April 12, 2013
Location Tagged: Soldier Key
Gender: Male
Total Length (TL): estimated 335cm

About Siren

The Story Behind the Name: When approached with this fantastic opportunity to sponsor a shark tagging project, Mark Shandur & Frank Van der Linde, the owners of Worldwide Dive and Sail’s Siren Fleet literally jumped at the chance. Being avid divers and having seen many species of shark during their diving careers, they felt that the project would be an ideal way to learn more about shark behavior and bring this knowledge to others within the diving community.

The name Siren is firstly attributed to mythical creatures that were both ravishingly beautiful and terrifying. The company adopted this name for their fleet of liveaboard dive yachts as it was felt the beauty of their boats lured divers to “Hear the Siren’s Song”, just as the Sirens in the Greek myths would lure sailors to their doom. When the decision was made to embark on this project, a contest to devise a name for the shark was held. Whilst “Mark Shark” got many votes it was felt that “Siren” was more apt in describing a creature of rare beauty.

Like the Sirens of myth, much mystery and mysticism surrounds all species of shark and they are often portrayed in the media as terrifying creatures to be feared and to stay away from. However through diving and interacting with sharks in their natural element, we have come to see their beauty too. Just like the Sirens, the shark has many facets and we hope that by monitoring our rare and ravishing scalloped hammerhead more can be learned of its unique behavior to dispel commonly held beliefs or “myths” about their terrifying nature.

Satellite Tagging: Siren was carefully tagged with the
latest in satellite tag technology providing us with the first
opportunity to follow the long term movements of these
threatened species. Please keep checking back frequently to follow Siren’s
movements, which will be updated every few days as his
satellite tag continues to send us real-time tracking data.

Adopt-a-Shark: For information on how you can contribute
to our shark conservation research by adopting and tracking
your own shark, please visit our
Adopt a Shark page.