// This is the name of the shark we wish to display its track
sharkName = ‘wells-fargo’;

Tracking Wells Fargo

Species: Tiger Shark
Scientific Name: Galeocerdo cuvier
Date Tagged: January 29, 2011
Location Tagged: Outer Reef, Florida Keys
Gender: Female
Total Length (TL): 245cm
Fork Length (FL): 197cm
Pre-Caudal Length (TL): 182cm

About Wells Fargo

The Story Behind the Name:
Wells Fargo became part of the SRC family at the start of 2011, with a contribution to support our ongoing research and outreach efforts. Wells Fargo is a leader in corporate and environmental responsibility, providing the community with $6 billion in green loans, $3.4 million in donations to environmental non-profits like SRC, and 20% emissions reductions (of 2008 levels) by 2018. Their mission for Environmental Affairs is:

We strive to bring a greater connection between banking and the environment by serving as environmental leaders in all that we do. This means operating more efficiently, engaging our team members to make a difference through everyday actions, investing in sustainable projects and the development of our communities, supporting long-term customer relationships, and providing our customers with innovative products and services.

We thanks Wells Fargo for their contribution and look forward to a long, prosperous future together in marine conservation.

Satellite Tagging:
“Wells Fargo” was carefully tagged with the latest in
satellite tag technology providing us with one of the first
opportunities to follow the long term movements of these threatened
species. Please keep checking back frequently to follow Wells Fargo’s
movements, which will be updated every few days as his satellite
tag continues to send us real-time tracking data.

Adopt-a-Shark: For information on how you can contribute to our
shark conservation research by adopting and tracking your own
shark, please visit our Adopt a Shark page.

This work is part of a collaboration among the Shark Research &
Conservation Program at the University of Miami, Florida Gulf
Coast University and West Coast Inland Navigational District,
supported by Lee County Commissioner Ray Judah.