In the past 50 years, 80% of all large sharks have disappeared. At this rate, extinction of the top oceanic predators is imminent...Unless we decide to save them.


Now before our departure, help us check our equipment! Learn what gear we bring and why.

Departure & Deployment

Welcome aboard! Join the adventure with this video showing the first half of the shark research expeditions, and all the challenges they face.

Tagging & Research

Are you ready for some action? Start pulling in those drumlines to see what sharks we've hooked. This video shows the culmination of the day on the water and the scope of this research.


Want to see that picture-perfect shot from the day? Explore the gallery to get up-close and personal with the crew and guests aboard RJD expeditions.

Shark Species

Can you identify each species of shark you saw today? Take a few minutes to learn more about these mysterious creatures.

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