3 Sharks Are Better Than None

Sunday, October 24th 2010


On Sunday the RJ Dunlap program took out the South Broward High School to tag and conduct research on sharks. The water was very choppy, but the sun was shining and the temperature was warm. First the team and the high school students set out ten drumlines.

When we went back to pick up the first ones, we had caught a black tip shark. We were able to bring the shark on the boat and gather all the data that we needed for research. The South Broward High School Students were also able to get up close, touch, and gather data on the shark. Shortly after, a couple lines later, we had caught a second black tip.

After we picked up the tenth line, we decided to go to a different spot, in hopes that we would have better luck. We set out the next ten and had some lunch even though most people on the boat were feeling a little sea sick from the choppy waters. We didn’t have much luck throughout the rest of the day. However, we did later on catch a nurse shark but because they are so strong it was able to get away before we were able to pull it on to the boat. Even though we did not end up catching anything else the rest of the day, it was still filled with jokes and the sharing of information about sharks between the RJ Dunlap Interns and the South Broward High School Students. Although some people ended up a little sick from the choppiness of the water, I would still conclude that it was a successful trip. I say this because throughout the whole day we were able to catch three sharks, and in my book three sharks are better than none.


Written by James Komisarjevsky

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  1. Vilma Sooknanan
    Vilma Sooknanan says:

    Nice Job South Broward! Im really sorry I couldnt make it on this trip- but it looks it wasnt a bad day at all. Despite the choppy waters- it looks like everyone came back with a great memory.

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