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Phytoplankton: Small Organisms with a Massive Impact

by Heather Alberro, RJD Intern Phytoplankton, microscopic marine photosynthetic organisms, have a vastly significant role to play not only in the marine food web of which they’re part of, but also on a more global scale. Despite their infinitely small size in comparison to other marine organisms, these tiny creatures occupy an immensely important ecological […]

Marine Protected Area Connectivity

by Hannah Armstrong, RJD Intern More than 25% of the world’s fishery populations are considered overexploited or depleted, and 40% are heavily to fully exploited (Dayton PK, Sala E, Tegner MJ, Thrush S).  In fact, some marine organisms have been driven extinct by human activity, while others remain close to extinction (Dayton PK, Sala E, […]

Coral Reefs and the Threat of Ocean Acidification

  by Hanover Matz, RJD Intern While global climate change is often the environmental concern at the forefront of the discussion about greenhouse gas emissions, ocean acidification is a marine conservation issue just as closely tied to the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) humans have put into the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution. It is […]

Fishery Benefits From Behavioral Modification of Fishes in Periodically Harvested Fisheries Closures

by Pat Goebel, RJD Intern In the South Pacific, periodically harvested fisheries closures are often implemented as a conservation and fisheries management tool. This is an important management tool because it allows resource users a greater say in the development and enforcement of rules, which in turn will lead to a successful fisheries management. Periodically […]

Eighty Sea Turtles Wash up Dead on the Coast of Guatemala

by Michelle Martinek, RJD Intern The volcanic black sand beaches of Guatemala’s southeastern coast are usually a vision of natural beauty for residents and visitors, but lately they have been witness to a tragic event- the mass stranding of sea turtles. According to a statement released by the wildlife rescue and conservation association, ARCAS, eighty […]

Shark Tagging with Trinity Prep

by Jessica Wingar, RJD Intern It was raining on and off when I woke up on Saturday morning. However, this rain didn’t deter me from my excitement of heading to the Seaquarium for a great day of shark tagging. I went to pick up Kyra to drive over to Key Biscayne, and we kept talking […]