CNN Reports on the RJ Dunlap Program!

Virginia’s Blog – Saturday June 26, 2010 The day’s events were highlighted by the attendance of a CNN film crew and producer.  Their presence called for a chase boat, a smaller faster vessel, to follow us on our journey.  Austin, our team’s newest addition and researcher, boarded the boat with CNN producer.   He had his […]

Saving Sharks with Sophi – Blog 8 – Halfway!!

My friend Connor gave me this cool hat because he knows that I love sharks and I really like it and he likes sharks too. My mom said that I made half the money that I am trying to raise for shark research… so that’s really good and I made this shark celebrating on my […]

Saving Sharks with Sophi – Blog 7 – World Ocean’s Day!!

My mom read me a story about these blue marbles that people are passing around when someone does something good for water so I got some marbles to pass around for World Ocean Day (June 8). I gave my class and all my friends and some teachers at my school 2 marbles and some water […]

Saving Sharks with Sophi – Blog 6 – Happy World Environmental Day!!

Happy World Environment Day (June 5)!  I thought of the best thing to do – Me and my family went for a walk and picked up all of the garbage on my street.  My Dad made cool garbage sticks for me and my sister. I got all of these shark books at the library and […]

Reunited – Shark Trips June 9-11

Reunited Our most recent research trip took the shark team to Bonita Springs, FL, a new field location for us that is showing major promise for its abundance of large predators. This was the second time the RJ Dunlap Shark team traveled to the gulf for shark research, a partnership that involves researchers from Florida […]

A slow finish to a fantastic weekend of shark research!

Nothing but Nurse Sharks! June 6, 2010 After about a year of being away from the shark program, I couldn’t be more thrilled and excited to be back!  As great as my school is in the mountains of Colorado, I continue to find myself just as passionate for the ocean and sharks as I always […]