Introducing Sophi and her new blog “Saving Sharks with Sophi”

My name is Sophi and I am 7 ½ years old.  This is my blog. I live in Richfield, Minnesota, USA, with my Mom, Dad and sister Signe.  I like to draw, read, play outside and study the ocean. My favorite thing about the ocean is sharks.  I LOVE them!!  I like to read about […]

Dear all, I would like to inform you of a recent publication that our Program helped support. X. Serrano, M. Grosell* and J. E. Serafy. 2010. Salinity selection and preference of the grey snapper Lutjanus griseus: field and laboratory observations. Journal of Fish Biology, 76: 1592-1608 You can find the abstract online at: During […]

Sad day for sharks: 2 Pregnant sharks killed from destructive fishing (49 sharks killed total)

I am sad to report that within the last 24 hours, 2 pregnant sharks were killed. The first  shark that washed up on shore, was in the Florida Keys yesterday. It was a 9 ft pregnant bull shark with 12 dead pups that were ready to be born.   The second shark washed up this […]

The Best Shark Trip Ever!

The Best shark Trip Ever!  4/18/2010 Well, where do I start, how about the beginning of the day which did not look very promising. On the way down to the keys, Dominique Lazarre, Cameron Rhoads, and I were caught in such an immense downpour: not a good sign. We plowed through the torrential rain to […]

April 17th, 2010..a mixed day of sharks and good data.

Saturday, April 17, 2010: It was nice to wake up in The Keys instead of having to drive that 2-hour stretch from home.  That’s probably all that was good about the day, just kidding we did get some sharks, but I think we were all a little spoiled (rightfully!) from Friday.  However, we all had […]

Caroline the Hammerhead, added to the family of sat tag sharks!

“Thank God it’s Friday,” is what most of us were thinking as we set out on April 16th.  With South Broward High School, all of us from the shark program, and a few special visitors, the energy on the boat was ridiculously high!  Curt’s wife Kelli, along with several other members of their family, including […]