Last shark trip for month of March.

03/27/2010 It was another beautiful day on the water with pleasant, calm weather – a slight wind made the surface choppy, but we still decided to head for the clearer waters outside the bay.  Joe Romeiro and Tim Divoll joined us again for the third trip of the weekend.  It was our last chance to […]

No data is data…this is what research is about!

Saturday March 27th, 2010 At Least We Got 10 Drumlines in the Water…Right? Oh the Florida Keys- sun, sand and blue skies- what more could one ask for?  One could say that nothing else is needed in this concoction of elements to create a perfect day. However, there is a select few of us who […]

One of the best shark trips ever! 3/26/2010

Sooo, I totally did not expect what 3/26/10 had in store for me when I woke up, exhausted at 5 am and under a not-to-promising-looking dark sky.  “At least its hot,” I thought, and headed out.  Furthermore discouraging was the POURING RAIN all the way down US 1 and the expressway; not to mention the […]

Amazing day of shark tagging 3/14/10

3/14/10 We were wary about how the conditions would be due to those of the day prior.  Nonetheless, I made my way down with 11 students from Palmer Trinity School to meet Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, Joe Romeiro from 333 Productions, and the rest of the shark team interns.  We were also accompanied by another VIP […]

Nurse Sharks Galore! 3/13/10

March 13th, 2010 As I woke up Saturday morning at Sea Base, I found myself looking outside to gale force winds.  The trees were moving at an alarming pace and inside the bay, the seas were close to 2 feet.  Needless to say, the morning did not look so great for a shark trip.  MAST […]

Shark Adventure 3/12/2010

March 12, 2010 We set out on Friday wary of how the weather was going to treat us yet still excited about the prospect of catching some amazing sharks.  A cloudy and overcast sky seemed like a small obstacle in our way to the ocean side reef.  South Broward High School had come out with […]