Saving Sharks with Sophi – Blog 2 – Discovering the Oceans & Shark Research

I went on my first adventure to the ocean when I was 4.  I went on my Uncle Curt’s boat and caught my very own fish.  Then, my Uncle Curt caught a shark!  When I saw it, I started to fall in love with sharks.

Sophi – 4 years old with first fish (Click to Enlarge)

I thought the ocean was beautiful – you would look out at this amazing place and see a whole world to explore.

I started to study sharks for a long time then and I got surprised with a research trip from my Uncle Curt, Auntie Kelli and Dr. Hammerschlag in April.  It was the best day of my life!  I met a hammerhead which was my dream.  I met other kinds of sharks too.

Sophi & Dr. Neil with “Lemon Larry” on shark research trip (Click to Enlarge”

Sophi with Auntie Kelli & Uncle Capt. Curt and Dr. Neil on first shark research trip (Click to Enlarge)

I took lots of notes on the boat.  I learned that the lemon shark goes to lay their babies at the same spot every time.  The baby sharks come out of their mother’s tummy tail first.  I learned that there is a dance called the hammerhead.  I made up a bull shark and lemon shark dance too!

Sophi doing he Hammerhead “Dance” to put out the vibe! (Click to Enlarge)


Seven year old Sophi Bromenshenkel is on a crusade to save sharks and the oceans.  Follow her blog with us as she finds creative ways to help save the oceans while inspiring others to do the same!! Follow all her blogs By clicking here!

Sophi is currently trying to raise money to support shark conservation. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE TO HELP SAVE SHARKS WITH SOPHI!

Also, follow the tiger shark named after Sophi…Click Here

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  1. Laurie Arst
    Laurie Arst says:

    Hi Sophi! I’m your grandma Sandy’s cousin from Seattle. We met at her house a week or two ago at a family party. I love your shark blog and reading about all your adventures. It’s so cool that you got to go on the research ship and learn about sharks up close and personal!

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