Adopt a Shark

Are you ready to welcome in a new toothy member of the family? Learn how you can adopt your own Hammerhead, Tiger or Bull shark with a generous donation to SRC shark research.

They may not be cute and cuddly, but sharks add beauty and diversity to our planet’s oceans. Many populations of sharks are in great decline and need immediate scientific and conservation attention. However, researching these apex predators is neither easy nor cheap. To ensure SRC’s satellite tracking study of sharks continues, please consider adopting a shark!

A $3,000 donation will cover the cost of one new satellite tag. In return, you will be given the opportunity to name your shark and follow his/her movements on our website using an interactive Google Earth map.

Classes and entire schools are also welcome to collectively adopt sharks. What a way to enrich your educational experience!
Step 1
Click the ‘Adopt a Shark’ Button here.
Step 2
Write $3,000 for the amount.
Step 3
Under the designation drop-down menu, select the Shark Research & Conservation Program.
Step 4
Fill in your information and specify ‘Adopt a Shark’ in the comments section.
Step 5
You must email Dr. Neil Hammerschlag to confirm your donation and name your shark.


Tax Deductible — The University of Miami is a Florida not-for-profit corporation and all donations are tax deductible as appropriate by law.
More Questions?

For more information about contributing to the Shark Research & Conservation Program at the University of Miami, please contact:

Dr. Neil Hammerschlag
Phone: 305-951-6577