Corporate Sponsorships

Interested in supporting incredible research and academics? Find out how you can become a corporate sponsor with SRC.

With a corporate sponsorship from you, we can achieve so much more in the ability to study sharks and help conserve a species in peril, as well as allowing youth to participate in real-world science and education.

A letter from SRC director Dr. Neil Hammerschlag

Dear SRC Potential Corporate Sponsors,

Sharks are important to the health of the oceans, but today many populations face a human threat that has left almost a quarter of all shark species at risk. The University of Miami’s Shark Research and Conservation (SRC) Program’s great work and research have helped to diminish that risk, while developing a strong brand in ocean and conservation circles.  Due to its high visibility, the program has successfully crossed over into other consumer areas as well

SRC’s visibility on the world stage through exposure connected to Shark Week and through its own digital footprint provides potential corporate partners with invaluable opportunities to work with highly desirable target markets. We invite you to join SRC as a corporate sponsor to potentially reach these consumer targets. As mentioned in the “Program Highlights” sheet included in this package, SRC’s collective reach has resulted in millions of impressions across multiple digital, social, and traditional media outlets and platforms. Teaming up with the SRC and with its vast consumer reach could be greatly beneficial to you.

We thank you in advance!

This year alone, SRC was featured in 4 Shark Week shows, collaborated with people across the world, and reached millions of people from our website, social media, and outreach