// This is the name of the shark we wish to display its track
sharkName = ‘laura’;

Tracking Laura

Species: Great Hammerhead
Scientific Name: Sphyrna mokarran
Date Tagged: July 13, 2011
Location Tagged: Just off the Atlantic coast of Islamorada, Florida Keys
Gender: Female
Pre-caudal Length (PCL): 190cm
Fork Length (FL): 215cm
Total Length (FL): 270cm

About Laura

The Story Behind the Name:
This Great Hammerhead is named in honor of not one, but two wonderful ladies named Laura. Double the passion, double the impact.

Laura Bracken wears many hats at RSMAS, the Marine school of
UMiami, but always with the ultimate goal of furthering marine
conservation efforts. From coordinating Alumni Relations to
Outreach efforts for the whole School, to being the Science and
Education Specialist for the SRC Program, she is a busy lady!
When you want to make something happen, Laura is your ‘go-to’
person. She finds, invites and coordinates all the schools and
youth groups that come aboard SRC expeditions for a field
experience. Laura also arranges the specialty shark trips for
those individuals who join the SRC Family through donations and
shark adoptions. And from the beginning of SRC, she has always
been a visionary for expanding our educational outreach initiatives.
She not only dreams up innovative programs, but also brings them
to life with a vigor that is unstoppable. Bridging the gap between
science and outreach is no easy feat, but Laura does so seamlessly.

Laura Rock has been a shark intern for Dr. Hammerschlag for over
four years. Beginning when she was an undergraduate student at
the University of Miami, she has dedicated much of her free time
to being in the field with sharks to ultimately give them a
chance at a healthy future. Now, she is a graduate student at
UM, formulating her own research hypotheses and traveling the
world to do so. An adventurous spirit at heart, Laura has spent
significant time abroad (mostly below the surface) where her
interest in underwater photography has budded into a fruitful
passion. In fact, she swept the 2011 student category for the
RSMAS Underwater Photography Competition. It is truly a gift to
have such a dedicated and bright individual aboard the Shark Research team.

Satellite Tagging:
Laura was carefully tagged with the latest in satellite tag
technology providing us with the first opportunity to follow the
long term movements of these threatened species. Please keep
checking back frequently to follow Laura’s movements, which will
be updated every few days as her satellite tag continues to send
us real-time tracking data.

Adopt-a-Shark: For information on how you can contribute to our
shark conservation research by adopting and tracking your own
shark, please visit our
Adopt a Shark page.

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