// This is the name of the shark we wish to display its track
sharkName = ‘leigh-melton-2’;

Tracking Leigh Melton 2

Species: Tiger Shark
Scientific Name: Galeocerdo cuvier
Date Tagged: March 22, 2014
Location Tagged: Biscayne Bay
Sex: Male
Total Length: 242 cm

About Leigh Melton 2

The Story Behind the Name: The Roberts Family participated in a shark tagging trip in March 2014 and wanted to support future SRC research. They adopted this bull shark and named her after the their daughter, Leigh Melton, ESQ. Leigh graduated from the University of Miami Law School in 1996 and is now a name parter in her law firm and the lead Trial Attorney within the firm. Leigh also teaches both ethics and professionalism at the University of Baltimore Law School. Who better to name a shark after?

Adopt-a-Shark: For information on how you can contribute to our
shark conservation research by adopting and tracking your own
shark, please visit our
Adopt a Shark page.

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