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So you want to go shark tagging…

Experience the ocean like never before — up close and personal with the most feared and least understood creatures of our ocean: sharks. Participate in an exclusive shark research trip with the University of Miami!

Work side-by-side with world renowned shark biologist Dr. Neil Hammerschlag and his stellar team at the Shark Research & Conservation Program in tropical, turquoise waters to gather vital data for his ongoing shark research. Take a finclip from a 10+ foot tiger shark to test for toxins. Conduct physiological tests to determine a great hammerhead shark’s stress level. Slip into a custom shark cage for an in-water viewing of a Bull shark satellite tagging. This is your chance to literally get your feet wet — research, education, conservation, innovation.

“Shark tagging was truly an eye opening experience. I developed a new sense of compassion for this species that has evolved and adapted since the age of the dinosaurs. I also learned about the science and scientists who were scrambling to do everything they can to keep sharks from extinction. It became obvious to me that without this noble work, the oceans are in peril and I believe mankind will not be far behind.”
— Lewis Wilkinson, Private Investor

Do you have an innovative idea to help save our oceans?

Join the ranks of SRC Partners & entrepreneurial heroes: TOMS, Bamboo Sushi, Change the Equation, Summit Series, Good World Games

Custom Design you own Corporate Shark Tagging Experience

  • Departure from Islamorada
  • Participation in official UMiami shark research
  • Shark cage diving
  • Professional photo & video
  • Shark Expert Q&A
  • All-inclusive: lunch, equipment
  • Departure from West Palm, FL
  • Participation in official UMiami shark research
  • Shark cage/cage-free diving
  • Professional photo & video
  • Shark Expert Q&A
  • All-inclusive: on-board accommodation, meals, equipment
Contact Susan Gerrish for more details, pricing, and to book

Have you considered adopting a shark for your company?

Learn more by watching the video below and visiting our Adopt a Shark page.

Corporate Trip Highlights: Aimia in Miami

Corporate Sponsorship: Berry Islands Shark Tagging with One World One Ocean, Summit Series, the Nature Conservancy, Bamboo Sushi, and the Waitt Institute

Corporate Trip Highlights: Oracle in Hawaii

More Questions?

For more information about booking a corporate shark tagging trip with the Shark Research & Conservation Program at the University of Miami, please contact:

Susan Gerrish
Phone: 305.421.4612
Email: SGerrish@rsmas.miami.edu

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