Saving Sharks with Sophi – Blog 11 – “All 50 States”

Sophi’s Map of the USA, Coloring in States that have Supported Her Efforts  (Click to Enlarge)

I have a plan to get donations from all of states in the USA (my home country).  I have money from 7 so far.  But if I even get $1 from a state I can color it.  Then, if I fill up the map, all of the states will know about shark research and that would be really good!  So, I think that if you know someone in another state – you could tell them about me and send them my flyer please.  Thanks, Sophi


Seven year old Sophi Bromenshenkel is on a crusade to save sharks and the oceans.  Follow her blog with us as she finds creative ways to help save the oceans while inspiring others to do the same!! Follow all her blogs By clicking here!

Sophi is currently trying to raise money to support shark conservation.FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE TO HELP SAVE SHARKS WITH SOPHI!

Also, follow the tiger shark named after Sophi…Click Here

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  1. Laurie Arst
    Laurie Arst says:

    Hi Sophi! Thanks for the cool postcard with your hammerhead shark drawing on it! I’m glad to hear that we were the first donation from Washington State, so I hope you have colored it in by now. 🙂 That is so cool that you got to speak at the shark meeting, and that you got donations not only from more states but from 3 other countries. Awesome!”

    Love from cousin Laurie (and Mike, too!)

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