Saving Sharks with Sophi – Blog 12 – “Dolphin Swim”

Blog 12 Dolphin Swim

I went on a trip with my family to Atlantis in the Bahamas and we got to swim with a Dolphin.  I really liked it!  I found out that when people pay to swim with the Dolphins then some of the money goes to helping the ocean.  I thought that was nice.  This is my favorite picture of me with our Dolphin named Tracy – she was even pregnant.

Sophi Kissing Dolphin (Click to Enlarge)


Seven year old Sophi Bromenshenkel is on a crusade to save sharks and the oceans.  Follow her blog with us as she finds creative ways to help save the oceans while inspiring others to do the same!! Follow all her blogs By clicking here!

Sophi is currently trying to raise money to support shark conservation.FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE TO HELP SAVE SHARKS WITH SOPHI!

Also, follow the tiger shark named after Sophi…Click Here

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  1. Bruce Mattson
    Bruce Mattson says:

    You wouldn’t be so happy about it if you knew what that poor animal went through to get to that pool. Supporting “swimming with dolphins” or dolphin shows is encouraging the torture and captivity of one of the most sensitive, intelligent of the mammals. You should be ashamed of yourself

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