Saving Sharks with Sophi – Blog 14 “Urban Wildland Race”

Saving Sharks with Sophi – Blog 14 “Urban Wildland Race”

Sophi Volunteers for the Urban Wildland Race (Click to Enlarge)

I got to be a volunteer at a ½ Marathon race.  My school had a water stop at 3 miles and my whole family helped.  We had to go super early in the morning and we got t-shirts.  It was a “green” race and it helps my school go to the Woodlake nature center and learn about animals, seasons, life cycles and other stuff.  I handed out water when the runners went by and I even knew some of the runners.

Sophi handing out water to the runners (Click to Enlarge)

The numbers that they had on their shirts could be planted and they would grow flowers.  You can learn more about the race if you watch this video and I am in it (2:40) and my principal got interviewed too.  It was really fun!

Check out:

At the end of the race we cleaned all of the cups ups – they were all around the trail.  Then I went and watched some of the race because it crossed the streets so we couldn’t get back to our house right away.

Sophi Cleaning Up (Click to Enlarge)


Seven year old Sophi Bromenshenkel is on a crusade to save sharks and the oceans.  Follow her blog with us as she finds creative ways to help save the oceans while inspiring others to do the same!! Follow all her blogs By clicking here!

Sophi is currently trying to raise money to support shark conservation.Click here to get more information:

Also, follow the tiger shark named after Sophi…Click Here

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