Saving Sharks with Sophi – Blog 18 – “I get by with a little help from my friends”

Blog 18 – “I get by with a little help from my friends”

My friend Chelsea, she’s twelve, gave me a donation.

She made jewelry and sold it to help me with the sharks!

I thought that was so awesome and I’m glad she is my friend!

Sophi & Chelsea: Making the World a Better Place (Click to Enlarge)



Seven year old Sophi Bromenshenkel is on a crusade to save sharks and the oceans.  Follow her blog with us as she finds creative ways to help save the oceans while inspiring others to do the same!! Follow all her blogs By clicking here!

Sophi is currently trying to raise money to support shark conservationFOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE TO HELP SAVE SHARKS WITH SOPHI!

Also, follow the tiger shark named after Sophi…Click Here

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  1. Dad
    Dad says:


    Chelsea did something that is rare for kids that age, which is give money to someone else for the hard work they did. Chelsea is a true member of our family and she worked hard for the money she earned. GO Chelsea!

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