Saving Sharks with Sophi – Blog 33 – Ocean Hero 2011

Blog 33 – “Ocean Hero 2011”

I won the award for Oceana Youth Ocean Hero. A bunch of people voted for me because of the good work that I have been doing with sharks. When I won, my mom came with the KARE 11 news to my class to surprise me. I was SUPER surprised when she showed up. She brought a hammerhead cake for my class to celebrate with me. All of my friends and my teachers were cheering for me.

Sophi with her celebratory hammerhead cake. Click to enlarge.

Then, I did an interview. My mom brought some of my shark things for me to show. My friends were really excited that they get to be famous on the news with me and the cupcakes were really good!  I am proud of my award.

Sophi’s interview with KARE 11. Click to enlarge.

Click on the links below for some of the news about my award:


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