Saving Sharks with Sophi – Blog 34 – Teaching Others

Blog 34 – “Teaching Others”

I talked to a kindergarten class about sharks. It was Ms. Bell’s class – she was my teacher when I was younger.  I showed some of my shark pictures and explained the different kinds of sharks. I talked about all of the ways that I am helping sharks and the ocean. Ms. Bell helped me explain some of the harder words for them, like research and satellite tags. The kids didn’t know that much about sharks, so I taught them a lot.

Sophi’s kindergarten presentation. Click to enlarge.

Sophi presenting with Ms. Bell. Click to enlarge.

After I taught them all about sharks, I gave them wristbands to remind them about taking care of the oceans and sharks. They were really excited to have me come and talk.

Sophi giving out wristbands. Click to enlarge.

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