Shark Research Featured on Animal Planet – Wild Recon (March 9 @ 8 pm)

Dear All

Our research was featured on a special episode of Wild Recon on Animal Planet:

You can Watch the Full Episode Here (Click here to download)

Our segment is occurs between the following times: 18:48 – 32:33

Wild Recon Episode:
Ocean Killers

Hunted for their fins, shark populations are plummeting across the globe. Animal adventurer Donald Schultz joins scientists in a race against time to save these fearsome predators from extinction.

Our segment is between the following times: 18:48 – 32:33

Filming for Wild Recon with Donald Shultz (Click to Enlarge)

Sampling a hammerhead – filmed during Wild Recon on Animal Planet (Click to Enlarge)

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  1. Kathryn Sellers
    Kathryn Sellers says:

    Interesting show! My daughter is a Univ. of Miami intern with the shark research team. Now I know exactly what she is talking about…and why she is so physically tired when she finishes a trip!

  2. Terry Engle
    Terry Engle says:

    I loved this segment. The slaughter of sharks for their fins to make soup is unconscionable. I highly respect Mr. Hammerschlag and Mr. Shultz for thier effort to understand how this takes place to help minimize this practice. Additionally, they are bringing to light the delicate balance of the oceans ecosystems and how sharks play a vital role. In my view one is either a part of the problem or part of the solution..Bravo to all involved!!!

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