Strikeout #3

Saturday, October 22nd

It was my first day back on the water this semester and I could not wait to get back out for some serious shark action. We had a group of Pew fellows out with us for a day at Broad Key.

Beautiful aerial shot of the University of Miami’s field research station at Broad Key. Click to enlarge.

Before the fellows arrived, the team set out drumlines and some extra chum crates in the Broad Key channel, hoping to increase our sample size for the day. An hour later we picked the group up from the dock at the field station and went to pick up the drumlines. Unfortunately three rounds of ten drumlines went by without a single shark, although there must have been something out there because some of the lines were missing baits.

Although it was not the best day for shark action, the Pew fellows were able to learn about our outreach and research and everyone enjoyed a beautiful day in the Keys. It might have been the cold weather that kept the sharks away, or maybe not. We don’t know, but a day like today is just another reminder that every time we catch and tag a shark, it’s a very lucky moment. Every day I am thankful that we still see these beautiful animals, even if it doesn’t happen every trip. If it weren’t for groups like RJ Dunlap and Pew, these animals would be disappearing much faster than they already are.

Sharky love,

Kyra Hartog, RJD Intern

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  1. Urlaub
    Urlaub says:

    WOW. The island looks amazing! Your work is really interesting. I’m from europe and come to Miami as often I can! I think Sharks are very intersting animals. Keep up the good work. Is it possible to visit Miami University and take a tour?

  2. Erlebnisprofi
    Erlebnisprofi says:

    Hello Kyra,

    thank you for your wonderful article and the amazing picture, you have an adventurous student life, mine was more or less boring, so today I organize adventure travels all around the world and write about it in my blog, I plan to offer also journeys to Miami and would be glad if I could take a tour at Broad Key 🙂

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