Shark tagging with the Potomac School and BBC Mundo

Monday, June 25th
Katie Titley, RJD Intern
Words cannot express how ecstatic I am to be back with RJD for another summer! My love for sharks and this program grow exponentially every time I go out with this amazing research team! Despite the ominous bad weather and choppy seas threatening our trip on Monday, we decided to go ahead and try our luck close to shore, bayside in pursuit of some sharks!
 We were joined by a group from the Potomac School. They came all the way from Virginia to help us out! In addition, we were fortunate enough to have two gentlemen from BBC Mundo filming, interviewing, and shooting photos throughout the day.
Luckily the weather cleared and we were in for a good day! The very first drumline we pulled up had 2.5 meter, male Nurse shark on! We were able to get some nice samples and measurements from him.

The RJD team secures a male nurse shark